Lower Jaw Surgery?!?!?!?!? | EleanorKate

Hi guys, how are you doing?

This week, I went to the hospital to see a specialist about having jaw surgery. They took some moulds and measurements, of my jaw and teeth etc. as well as some other things. Basically they are saying that I need surgery on my lower jaw. Apparently the right side of my jaw is slightly lower then the left side and its causing my teeth on the right side to not meet at all.

Since hearing that this is something I have to go through to get everything sorted, i’ve been researching recovery tips etc. and to be honest, its quite scary. It says on the majority of the websites that your jaws are wired shut for at least two weeks, and that your diet will only consist of liquids for a while. For me, I don’t mind about not being able to talk, or having to be on a liquid diet, its the fact that its an operation on a major bone and near a major artery. I have had operations before, but one was when i was younger on my eye, and the other was just a simple tooth removal that I was put to sleep for, so i guess that one doesn’t really count! Anyway, I was wondering if anyone that may be reading this have gone through, or may have to go through any sort of jaw surgery? If so, leave a comment telling me about your experiences.

Over and out.


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