My First Blog Attempt | EleanorKate

For my first blog, i’ve been trying to come up with ideas on what to write about, and how to set it out. Its not really been easy but i started to think about writing about the things that i go through in day to day life, that may also help others. However for my first blog, i thought i would just introduce myself a little. My name is Eleanor Kate Bickerton, and i’m 19 years of age. I live in South- east England with my parents and my brother.

Currently i am at my first year of university, studying Business Management (i’m sure you can see why i didn’t take English, as i have very poor grammar and never know when to use comma’s or any other type of punctuation!!)

For my A Levels i took: Photography, Health and Social Care and Business, and managed to pass with 2 A*’s an A and a B!

Photography is definitely a hobby of mine, i’m always taking pictures of everything and then editing them using iphoto or my favourite ‘Instagram’. I LOVE IT!

Another thing about me is that i am very shy, i find it hard to talk to new people unless im around other people who i am comfortable being with, i am definitely better at using my phone to talk to people (maybe thats why im a tad addicted?) As you can imagine, the transition from college, to moving to university and living with a bunch of new people from different areas of the country, even the world! has been extremely difficult, however i have pushed boundaries and made a few close friends here, as well as others.


Like many people ive been faced with a few challenges throughout my life, and so i created this blog to express my feelings through those hard times and to use as a sort of diary, with also the thought of helping others, if they happen to be going through similar struggles.

Anyway, that was just a little about me and i hope you enjoyed this blog and my future ones to come…


Over and out.


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