18 Facts About Me | EleanorKate

Dear Diary

I thought for this post, i would that i would 15 facts about me, i started off thinking that i would do 25 facts but apparently i only have 17! I would love too be able to come back to this in years to come and see if i still like the same food or the same kind of music! :]

  1.  I am, believe it or not, 19 years old.
  2.  My birthday is on the 29th September
  3.  My favourite holiday season is christmas … its not obvious is it?
  4. I have 2 dogs. A chocolate labrador called Marley, she is 2 years old, and a border terrier called Boycie, he is 9 years old.

    This is Marley :]
  5. IMG_0116.JPG
    This is Boycie + Matilda

    I also have two cats, Matilda who is 11 years old, and Monkey who is 10 years old

  6. I am the youngest in my family, i have two older brothers :[
  7. I am in my first year of university
  8. i study Business Management
  9. My favourite film is Annie :] i love the original, i dont think you can beat it, however i have to admit that the 2014 version is pretty good too
  10. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THE SCRIPT! –  I took my friend to go and see them in concert in March 2015, and it was the best day of my entire life!

    This is a picture from the night that we were there – March 14th 2015
  11. I HATE fire alarms! The worst bit about living in halls is definitely the fire alarms. They can go off at any time, and whether you were asleep or in the shower, you have to go outside!
  12. I can drive
  13. Marley and Boycie are actually named after characters out of Only Fools and Horses
  14. My hobby is photography
  15. My favourite food is pizza! Its all about the pizza!
  16. I want to own either my own photography business, or an interior design business
  17. I am a little bit obsessed with one direction
  18. I have a tattoo! Its of 3 daisies. It means stability, if anyone has read my last post on my life before university, then you will understand that moving from home to university has made me feel more balanced and better off, then i was when i was at home.
    My Tattoo

    I hope you enjoyed this post, and im sorry for the spam of posts today, i was just feeling.. inspired?

Over and out.


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