Its Christmas Time! | EleanorKate

So today is the 1st December, yes its back! How has this year gone so quickly? Its time to open the first days advent calendar, although i dont have one yet :[


  • Get an advent calendar!
  • Finish christmas shopping
  • Put up the christmas tree
  • Sing lots of christmas songs!

Anyway, so i thought for this blog i would go through the sort of traditions that my family and i celebrate over the festive season, even though we dont have many, its the few which we do have that make christmas special :]

In the first week is when we usually put up the christmas decorations, much to my dad’s dismay! In the past years, we have had a ‘proper’ christmas tree that we bring in from the garden each year, its great because it smells like… well christmas, but its bald in the middle and looks funny because of the way its been re-planted over the years! However, this year we have bought an artificial 7ft one, although its not a real one, it still looks pretty and i love it!

Another tradition that we have is to hold a christmas party, again this is usually on the first or second week of December as it also counts as a good way to bring the whole family together for my grandmothers birthday, this is actually happening this weekend, at my aunts house on the 6th December, and is the main reason that i am going back for the weekend.

As well as a family party, my friends and i hold an annual get together, this year will be the first one where we havent seen each other in the upcoming months, im so excited to see all my friends and catch up!

Presents! Presents are a definite part of christmas day and christmas eve. Every year, we get to open one present, its usually from my grandparents, and its always a pair of christmas pj’s! I love this tradition, i think its so cute, and is something thats been done in the past generations in my dad’s side of the family.

Speaking of presents, this leads me on to my next topic, which is, what kind of gifts would you get someone who has everything? Well, this applies to my mum, my dad and both my brothers! So for my mum, i got her two tickets for a spa day, i thought that this would be a nice present as she can use it with a friend or a family member.. hopefully me! This is the one thing that i really want to do, but i guess that im just too kind, and dont buy this kind of thing for myself!

For my dad, i got him Les Mis tickets, another thing that i really want to go and see! The reason for this is because, everytime ive gone home for the weekend, he’s watched the film. So i thought that it would be a nice surprise to take him to see it in musical form!

Now, i have two older brothers. My oldest brother and i have devised a plan so that we can both get what we want for christmas and still look like we bought each other gifts. I thought that this was a genius plan when i heard it! We have planned to buy presents for ourselves and just put tags on saying that theyre from the other person. I didnt know that my brother could have come up with a good plan! but this one is awesome!

There are some other traditions that i havent included, but as it is not 6 minutes past midnight and it is offically the 1st December, i can now post this, with the date on the title being right! Im sorry for the spam of posts tonight but im just so excited to start this blog properly!

Over and out.



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