Goodbye 2015



So 2015 is over, and as we wave hello to 2016, we have to remember everything that happened, both good and bad in 2015. The things that have happened to us that have changed us for the better, the mistakes we may have made that have made us in to the people we are today. So, anyway for this blog i thought i would just go through a few things that i have done over the past year, mainly so that at the end of this year i can come back to this and look back on the memories of 2015. So the first thing is should start with happened on 14th March. It was the day that i took my best friend to go and see the Script in concert at the O2! This day was by far the least forgettable of them all, so much had happened on that day that was amazing and i wouldnt have changed it for anything. Firstly, that day was the first time i had ever driven on the motorway, i know that that doesnt sound to interesting but it was a scary experience as it wasnt an intentional venture out on to the crazy world known as the M25!

In the evening of the 14th March, four of us travelled up to Greenwich to go and see this amazing concert! As it was my first proper concert, it made the whole experience even more exciting! Needless to say we all left with sore throats and woke up the next morning with no voices….

Also.. can i just say that Danny O’Donoghue is the most beautifully perfect person ive ever seen

In May, Marley my two  year old chocolate lab pup tore a tendon in her paw and needed an operation to basically make a new tendon. It took ages for it too heal, and in the end she had two operations and went through a lot of pain and physio therapy. However, now shes back on track and is her normal self again, which is amazing!

2015 bought with it many changes, one of those changes was the transition from college to university. I sat my A Level exams in May and am proud to say that I left college with 2 A*’s, 1 A, and a B. I was thrilled with this as you can expect and due to this i earned myself a place at Portsmouth University. So that was that, and on the 12th September i moved out in to halls and started on a new adventure, in a completely different place that i had never been too before (its safe to say that i got lost a lot… to be honest, i still do!)

Amongst all the great things that happened in 2015, it also came along with the bad. I had terrible anxiety throughout the year, and it got worst when i moved to Portsmouth. The pressure of being in a new place, and not having many people i knew around me was one cause, but also my claustrophobia had gotten worst. The pressure and the stress that my anxiety was putting on me was making me feel depressed, and i hate to admit it but i took it out on myself, both mentally and physically.It made me look at myself different, my self-confidence had dropped even lower. It made me hate myself, to the point of where i couldnt bare to be around myself (if that makes any sense at all).  I ended the year with being put on anti-depressants, however i have found that this has helped a lot and i feel slightly more confident and happier. Dont get me wrong, i still feel anxious. I still have those days when i dont want to get out of bed, when i cant stand to look at myself but all this has got better then before and there are more days where i look in the mirror and think, you are being the best you, you dont need to change.

Now to end on a lighter note, on the 18th December, my friend and I went up to London to Madame Tussauds. It was awesome! This was my christmas present, and we basically both went to go and see the Zalfie wax works! It was extraordinary, they all looked so realistic! I loved it, it was great fun! We then ended the day with a trip down Oxford Street, and after walking for what seem years, we found Primark, it was huge! and im so glad that i didnt have enough money with me to cause any damage… I would just like to say now, Melissa if you are reading this, which i doubt you are, thank you for being there for me this past year… ( 2015), thank you for the amazing christmas present! Thank you for just being you!

Happy New Year fellow bloggers x

Over and out,

EleanorKate x


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