A Day at the Zoo

I’m really sorry that this blog post is so late, I am a terrible human!


Dear Diary,

Guess what! On the 11th March, I went to the zoo! (Exciting right???) That’s not all, though! I also fed the white lions! It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I wanted to share my experience on here so that I could come back to it in the future and look back on the memories I have made 🙂

So to start off the day, I woke up late! As per usual! So I raced to get ready in the 20 minutes I had left. I then went to go and pick Melissa up from her house and went off to my old college to go and pick up my old photography work.

We then went straight off from College to the zoo, it took about an hour and a half to get there from where we were. It was a good journey, passing the time with playing games, eating snacks and singing badly to the radio!

When we got there, the first section of the zoo we went in was the part where the birds were

We then went off to explore the rest of the zoo, which had animals including: wolves, meerkats, lemurs, marmosets, bats, white lions, white tigers, Bengal tigers, cheaters, ocelots, penguins, zebras, sheep, tapirs, emus and more 🙂

I also made a video which is up on YouTube of the day, which includes pictures of all the animals there 🙂



Feeding the White Lions 🙂

We first had to go to the Discovery Centre to sign in, read the health and safety policy and meet the ranger. He was a very nice guy who made the day even more special. We then went to the white lion enclosure. There were three female lions and 1 male. (a mum, dad, and 2 daughters).  The ranger went through how to feed the lions safely, demonstrating how to do it. The male lion, who is typically the one in charge had all the food that we brought them. This is due to them being the main hunter in the wild and choosing whether they want their family to have any. The meat that we gave them was equivalent to a packet of crisps (in lion terms that’s 10kg worth).

When we had finished feeding them, we were able to stay there and ask questions, obviously, us being prepared we had watched a zoo series on the television for weeks beforehand and so went equipped with a bucket load of questions. However, whilst he was answering the questions all I could think about was that I wanted to touch the lion, (I did ask but the ranger said I couldn’t because they’re quicker than they look)!

Me feeding a White Lion


After feeding the lions, we then wandered around the zoo one last time and then set off home 🙂

This was one of the best days of my life, and i will never forget it 🙂

Over + out



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