Dear Diary: My Easter Break

Dear Diary,

Sorry for the lack of blogs recently, but I have a few lined up that are coming soon!

This diary blog post entry is going to be on my Easter holidays. So my easter break started on the 25th March, which was Good Friday. My parents came and picked my friend and me up from University. Before going home, we spent the day in Gunwharf Quays, the local shopping outlet. My friend and I went up the Spinnaker Tower, which holds some amazing views.


Before going up the Spinnaker, I had dared myself to walk across the glass floor, this is a terrifying thought for me (even now) as I am insanely scared of heights! Amazingly, I managed to do it (this was with my friend holding my hand and jumping on the glass behind me and an old lady shouting at me)! The photograph above is one that I took from the middle of the glass floor.

After going up the Spinnaker, we went and had lunch at Pizza Express, before shortly returning home where I was reunited with my two favourite puppies 🙂


Me + Boycie 🙂


On Saturday 26th, myself and Marley drove up to my Nan’s house in Gloucestershire, with my mum, dad and Boycie following in their car. I’m not going to lie, it was an eventful trip, as Marley is a typical “three-nager”, and everything has to go her way!

Marley and I stayed at my Auntie’s house (which is just down the road) with her cat Tikka, whilst the others (Boycie, Mum + Dad stayed in a nearby hotel). We went out to lunch at a the Old lodge, it was a lovely meal out and nice to treat my nan to a day out.

On Sunday the 27th, my parents went back home (with Boycie) as they had prior commitments, whilst I stayed over with Marley, till Monday morning.

Me + Marley 🙂

I forgot to mention previously but on Thursday 24th March, my grandma had another fall and broke her right hip. She went to the hospital in an ambulance and had an operation on Friday morning to fix her hip. She is still in the hospital due to some other reasons that I am not going to go into, but she is slowly but surely getting better! So as you can guess, for the majority of my easter break I spent it going backwards and forwards to the hospital to visit her.

So that just about concludes my ‘what I did on my easter holidays’ blog post. I hope you enjoyed it!

Over + Out




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