Tips to keep your dog cool in the summer 

Hi everyone,

Today I have a blog post on how to keep your dog cool this summer. These are things that I have either seen or used with my 2 puppies. 

So anyway, let’s get started 

1) “Treat bobbing”

Okay, so this one is a simple, effective and a fun way of keeping the little rascals cool. 

All you need is a bucket or a plastic box. 

Fill it up with cold water and put with treats or toys at the bottom of the bucket. If you’re dog loves treats or water as much as mine do then they will love this! 

2) Frozen treats

My puppies favourite things in the summer is frozen carrots! Freeze a carrot for a couple of hours and give it to your dog. This is guaranteed to make them feel cooler whilst also getting a tasty treat (not forgetting healthy)!! This can also be done with dog biscuits and other foods. 

3) Dog cooling coats and cooling mats

I have heard a lot about these cooling mats and coats. I have not personally tried them with my two dogs however I have heard great reviews about these products from my friends and family.  

Alternatively, wetting a towel for your dog to lay on will work as well. 

4) Swimming pool!

Who doesn’t love a swimming pool? These are great for people and pets! I know that my two love it and are constantly jumping in and out. If you don’t have space for a swimming pool then a cheap paddling pool does the same thing 😊

5) Use doggie boots

Doggie boots can be found at your local pet shop or online on sites like amazon. Aside from making your dog look adorable it will also protect their paws. 

During the hot weather the heat will rise from the ground, especially on surfaces such as concrete and tarmac. Dogs absorb and release heat through their feet and so the boots will help to protect them

6) Keep your dog hydrated!

Hydration is important for humans but also for your pets! As they have fur coats with no choice to take them off! Make sure that your dogs water bowl is always topped up with clean, cold water. 

As well as this you can also take a bottle of water out on your walk for your dog to have.

7) Walk your dog early in the morning or late at night. 

Walking your dog in the cooler part of the day makes it easier for you and your dog to enjoy the walk. ​


​ 8) Dogs cool from the bottom up

When cooling off your dog using water, make sure to spray their paws and chest as well as the top. 

Thank you for reading my blog post and I hope these tips will help you too keep your dogs cool 😊
Over and out
Eleanor Kate ❤️


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