My Scrapbooking Essentials

Hi Guys, Sorry its taken me so long to upload, I have been really busy with university and work etc. So today I thought I’d write a short blog post on my scrapbooking essentials. A Scrapbook From left to right, my 2016, 2017, and 2018 scrapbook               2. Washi […]

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Dear Diary: My Easter Break

Dear Diary, Sorry for the lack of blogs recently, but I have a few lined up that are coming soon! This diary blog post entry is going to be on my Easter holidays. So my easter break started on the 25th March, which was Good Friday. My parents came and picked my friend and me […]

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A Day at the Zoo

I’m really sorry that this blog post is so late, I am a terrible human!   Dear Diary, Guess what! On the 11th March, I went to the zoo! (Exciting right???) That’s not all, though! I also fed the white lions! It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. I wanted to share […]

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Feeding the White Lions

Originally posted on Mizzstry:
Hi Guys, Firstly, a quick apology for an absence of blogs for the past two weeks, I was extremely busy completing coursework and didn’t have much time to do anything fun to write about or even have the time to write. However, I have a picture-packed post for you this week…

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Goodbye 2015

THIS IS A VERY BELATED POST! IM SORRRY   So 2015 is over, and as we wave hello to 2016, we have to remember everything that happened, both good and bad in 2015. The things that have happened to us that have changed us for the better, the mistakes we may have made that have […]

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Lush Haul! (Day 18)

Originally posted on Mizzstry:
So today’s post is going to be a Lush haul… again its come to that time for my annual Lush spree where I spend way to much money on endless bath bombs! The majority of these, if not all of them, are the Oxford street ones that have become available now…

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